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New and Used Saddle Sales

Saddle shopping and don’t know where to start? It’s a complex task to fit both horse and rider and there is a ton of confusing information available.

We’ll take a full set of measurements of your horse and assess their current condition. Based on the assessment of horse and rider, we’ll choose a new or used saddle.


Repairs and Maintenance

We work with a network of saddlers who can handle any repair including panel modifications, billets, and tree adjustments. We can do it all.

Saddle Flocking Adjustment:
$150 – $200

Tree Adjustment: (widening or
narrowing) $200

Saddle Dying/Reconditioning         $200


Consignment Saddles

We can sell your used saddle for you with a commission rate of 20%. Minimum $200.

Contact us for details!


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Assessing & Fitting Saddles

Whether you are having problems with your current saddle or just have questions about how it is fitting your horse; saddle fitting is an ongoing process that will need to be addressed as your horse develops and ages.

We will take a full set of measurements of your horse and assess the saddle on the ground. You will get on and ride so we can assess how your current saddle is working for horse and rider. Any necessary repairs or adjustments will be recommended and can be done at an additional cost. Total time: 2 hour – 2.5 hours. Price: $125 – $175 depending on location.


Testimonials from our customers

We believe that nothing speaks more about a company than the words of its customers.

My experience with Highland Saddle/Katrina was phenomenal. Katrina was so knowledgeable about saddle fit and explained everything thoroughly to me. She found the perfect saddle for my hard to fit thoroughbred and the difference in his attitude toward saddling is incredible! He moves so much more freely with his new saddle. There was never any pressure from her to purchase, she never rushed me and answered all of my questions. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone that needs help with saddle fitting! Thank you so much Katrina!

Emily Winchester
Katrina was extremely friendly and helpful in assisting me with finding a saddle to fit my challenging to fit mare and my issues also. I learned a lot about the CWD saddles in particular. Not once did I feel pressured to buy any of the saddles, regardless of brand or that we were on some sort of time limit that day. As it was, I ended up with a saddle that both my horse and I love thanks to Katrina!

Nicole Gibby
Katrina made the process of finding a saddle for my hard to fit boy, so easy. she did everything possible to make him and myself comfortable. With her help, my horse and I are jumping courses with out turning issues like we used to have. He’s happy and it was the best experience I have had with a saddle fitter.

Hannah Riach
Katrina was a life saver for my saddle fitting issues. She was able to get me set up with what I needed and find a new home for my old saddles really quickly! I would highly recommend getting her to help with any saddle fitting or consignment – she’s the best!

Jessica Letour
Katrina is amazing at finding the ‘perfect’ saddle for you and your horse. You can finally go riding and be comfortable in the saddle, plus she finds amazing deals for saddles. She is also great at selling a saddle you need ‘out of your hair.’ I had two saddles that she sold in just a few weeks, and she found the perfect saddle for my ‘hard fitting’ horse. She is fantastic to deal with, and makes ‘saddle shopping’ way less stressful. I strongly recommend her for everyone in the ‘horsey’ community!!

Taryn Starling
Consignment Customer
Katrina is absolutely amazing at saddle fitting. She’s in it for all the right reasons: all about the comfort of the horse and rider. She is such a life saver for myself and my super hard to fit OTTB. Before, we couldn’t canter without him throwing a fit and bucking but now that we have a saddle that fits us both, my gelding is so much happier and hasn’t bucked since. Katrina is super easy to talk to and will work within your budget with what you and your horse needs. I will always recommend her when I hear about someone who’s searching for a saddle. She is fantastic!

Callie Bertrand



As Saddle fits are specific to your horse we encourage customers to reach out to us directly for sizing questions and we would gladly walk you through the sizing.