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Designed to provide enhanced comfort for a fairly average shaped horse. It features a close contact, semi flat seat and a balance point that’s ideal for today’s hunter rider! It’s clean lines, comfort and adjustability will give any jump saddle a run for its money! This saddle a must try, especially with our specialized “flockable foam” Panels. These provide the close contact feel you want and love in a jump saddle, with the added adjustability and customizability of also being flockable! This means your fitter can add wool flocking to any areas necessary in order to accommodate changes in your horses shape. Something that’s currently not possible in any other high end jump saddles on the market!!

All of our saddles featuring ample customization options and a universal gullet system that allows you to adjust your tree width by 6 sizes up or down to better accommodate your horse’s ever -evolving needs. This makes accommodating regular changes in your horse’s weight and body condition from season to season much easier than with a standard non-adjustable tree! dual so you can get exactly what you want!

Custom options include:
• Y-shaped girthing system
• Adjustable front and rear blocks

Get your choice of Panels:
• Flockable Foam
• Foam
• Wool
• Wool- Felt

Customize your dream Lovas saddle today!

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As Saddle fits are specific to your horse we encourage customers to reach out to us directly for sizing questions and we would gladly walk you through the sizing.

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