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17.5” Equipe Grand Prix Jump Saddle

This stunning saddle is expertly crafted in Italy, offering a combination of exceptional quality, beautiful balance with ultimate comfort for both horse and rider. If you’ve been looking for one of these sought after saddles, take advantage of this beautiful saddle at a great price!

Does your current saddle always slip back? Do you Struggle to get enough wither clearance for your tall withered horse? This could be the solution you’ve been looking for!

The Grand Prix is one of Equipe’s most popular models and is designed for a horse with a tall, long wither and a bit of curve to their back. The Grand Prix places the rider perfectly in balance on a horse of this shape, allowing ample wither freedom that is often a struggle to achieve in most modern jumping saddles.

This saddle is currently set to about a MW and the tree is adjustable by a fitter. Featuring Equipe’s regular flap, which is ever so slightly forward, this saddle accommodates a variety of rider heights and leg lengths remarkably well.

•SKU: JS1382

•Brand: Equipe

•Model: Grand Prix

•Seat: 17.5”

•Flap: N (14” Long X 13” Wide)

•Tree: 5” Dot to Dot

•Panels: Medium- Standard

•Leather: Grain- Calf

•Condition: Excellent!

•Colour: Dark Brown

•Price: $2800 Cad/ $2050 USD
(Reasonable Offers May Be Considered)

We are happy to offer a 5 day trial with full deposit, so you can make sure the saddle works for you and your horse before you commit! We gladly ship anywhere in North America at buyers expense- but don’t worry, the trial doesn’t start until you receive the saddle!

In stock


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As Saddle fits are specific to your horse we encourage customers to reach out to us directly for sizing questions and we would gladly walk you through the sizing.

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