16.5” XW Ideal Deal Jump Saddle


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Gorgeous 16.5” XW Ideal Deal Jump Saddle

This lovely little saddle is beautifully broken in and features elegant cream coloured piping and ultra grippy leather for exceptional style and comfort.

The Deal Jump is the perfect option for a wide, flat backed horse or pony. Everything about the design of this saddle is geared towards comfort and stability for this shape of horse. If you have a hard time with your saddle shifting from side to side on your round, mutton withered mount, this saddle might be just what you’re looking for! The Ideal trees are adjustable by a fitter and they are wool flocked for optimal customization!

•SKU: JS1103
• Brand: Ideal
•Model: Deal Jump
•Seat: 16.5”
•Flaps: 13” Long X 12.5” Wide
•Tree: 5.25” Dot to Dot
•Panels: Wool
•Leather: Grain- Calf
•Condition: Excellent!
•Price: $2600 Cad/ $2000 USD

We are happy to offer a 5 Day Trial with full deposit and will gladly ship at buyers expense expense.

Out of stock


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As Saddle fits are specific to your horse we encourage customers to reach out to us directly for sizing questions and we would gladly walk you through the sizing.

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