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Testimonials from our customers

We believe that nothing speaks more about a company than the words of its customers.

Katrina was a life saver for my saddle fitting issues. She was able to get me set up with what I needed and find a new home for my old saddles really quickly! I would highly recommend getting her to help with any saddle fitting or consignment - she's the best!
Jessica Letour
Katrina is highly knowledgable in getting the "perfect" fit saddle for horse and rider. I highly recommend her!! She goes above and beyond to fulfill the needs of her clients, me being one! It's just not another sale with Katrina. She genuinely cares for horse and rider and respects that we all can't afford to have $5000 saddles. She will take her time finding that perfect fit within the budget. I can honestly say, Katrina is one of the most honest, caring, reliable, knowledgable (in many areas) people I know! She always has the best interest of the horse and rider and I love her for that! When I've had any When I've had any concerns or questions, Katrina has always been available to help me.
Tammie Badcock
I have been looking for a saddle for 4 months, done 5 trials, and finally Katrina saved the day. Her knowledge of fitting and caring about her work is exceptional! I will be referring and using Katrina for all saddle purchases. Also, her prices are great!!!
Jill Narstrom
Katrina is absolutely amazing at saddle fitting. She's in it for all the right reasons: all about the comfort of the horse and rider. She is such a life saver for myself and my super hard to fit OTTB. Before, we couldn't canter without him throwing a fit and bucking but now that we have a saddle that fits us both, my gelding is so much happier and hasn't bucked since. Katrina is super easy to talk to and will work within your budget with what you and your horse needs. I will always recommend her when I hear about someone who's searching for a saddle. She is fantastic!
Callie Bertrand
Fantastic service and Katrina is both knowledgeable and professional! I trust her and am so pleased with the saddle I bought. She truly goes above and beyond
Leanna Fooks Collard
After a few months of trying to sell my own saddle on Vancouver Island/through Facebook groups ect I had no luck. Katrina came to the house picked up the saddle and had it sold in less than two weeks!!! She was very professional from her sales contract to the prompt payment in my hand within 24 hours of my saddle being sold. I highly recommend her business. If fact she's picking up one of my clients saddles that's been on the shelf to sell some time this week!!! I'll let you know how that goes. Thanks Katrina
Joey Kerr
Consignment Customer
Katrina is amazing at finding the 'perfect' saddle for you and your horse. You can finally go riding and be comfortable in the saddle, plus she finds amazing deals for saddles. She is also great at selling a saddle you need 'out of your hair.' I had two saddles that she sold in just a few weeks, and she found the perfect saddle for my 'hard fitting' horse. She is fantastic to deal with, and makes 'saddle shopping' way less stressful. I strongly recommend her for everyone in the 'horsey' community!!
Taryn Starling
Consignment Customer
Katrina is so friendly and knowledgeable, The 4-H horse club in Duncan had the privilege of having a demo! The kids had a great experience working and learning all about fitting saddles! . I would recommend contacting her if you're in need of a new or used saddle! Thank you Katrina for everything, my daughter is so happy with her new saddle!
Julie Reid
Super thrilled with my new pre-loved saddle! Katrina’s knowledge and experience made the process of shipping, trying and buying the right used saddle easy
Charity Olstad


As Saddle fits are specific to your horse we encourage customers to reach out to us directly for sizing questions and we would gladly walk you through the sizing.